Could Recent Presidential Decisions Be A Good Deal For Online Gambling?

In this case, the presidential decision to pay attention to is that of the widely publicized situation with the former head of the FBI, James Comey. More to the point, the situation that ended with the outright dismissal or “firing” to be blunt of Comey is seen by quite a number of online gambling proponents as a good omen.

That is to say, as of this writing the consensus from a number of observers is that with the let go of Comey, the odds are that a newly appointed director of the FBI won’t see online gambling as an area in which to focus.

Recall that in the early days of the new administration, online casino operators were in effect holding their breath so to speak. After all, there was the rather sizable donation for the inauguration from none other than Sheldon Adelson. As you know, Adelson, the billionaire chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp. has been working for years to thwart any efforts to expand legal online casino action.

Then there was the appointment of the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions. You may well remember that Sessions referenced the 2011 decision by the Department of Justice regarding the legal interpretation of the Wire Act.

Yet all of the above being said, to date there has been little interest expressed by anyone in the new administration in even discussing legal online casino action. Now that James Comey is out as the Director of the FBI, the obvious question is whether or not the new head of the FBI will establish online casino as a priority for the FBI.

Truth be told, the efforts to promote Sheldon Adelson’s heavily funded Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) have not completely disappeared. In fact, the issue was raised by Senator Lindsey Graham during Sessions confirmation hearing.

Nevertheless, the outright dismissal is still being viewed by many online casino proponents as a positive sign. After all, a new FBI will inherit quite a lengthy To Do list. The focus on quelling or stopping the spread of online gambling sites is most likely at the bottom of any such list if it even makes the list.

In other words, all signs point to smooth sailing ahead for the online gambling industry.